Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Spiders, Sultans, Dodo's and President Fidel Castro.

Miss Fionaski called in today to see mum, she often does this on Tuesdays where they exchange plain brown envelopes. I think it is a spy thing although they say NO and that I am not to say so in my diary ……..AH. Mum just said IDIOT. But one thing Miss Fionaski did say was that she has spiders the size of sultans in her bathroom at the moment. This made me think …….. Hello that’s a bit odd.

Only yesterday the subject of spiders the size of an Okapi in bathrooms was mentioned in cyberspace and now we have them the size of a sultan. Well that is a bit scary, the dog says I am being a whimp and they are completely arm less and is now rolling about laughing hysterically on the floor. Mum has in informed me the spiders were not as big as sultan’s they were as big as raisins, I knew some sort of dried fruit was involved. Mum has added IDIOT again now.

School was one of those days when school is school, and writing about it would not generate any interest what so ever. Even Esmeralda got bored of catapulting the school cat over the rugby posts with the catapult she found in the woods. I can only assume the Dodo’s have been trying to fly again. So I have told the dog and he is going off to talk to them yet again about building catapults.

Now I suspect some people who do not read my diary everyday might be at a bit lost by now but that is entirely your own fault, just as well I have not mentioned the Lemmings of Petrograd ……….AH, I have. Now look I have been distracted; so stop messing about and pay attention …….MMMMMMMMMMMMMmmm

On the way home from school on the bus we saw a man who looked just like President Fidel Alejandro Castro in a local bar in town which is unusual he was waiting for a drink in a long queue. A Bar Queue or even a Queue Bar ……. (HA HAH HAH ha hahaha hahhah ha hah hahhaha hahhaha hahah ha). The dog recons my joke is worse than his but mum has said IDIOTS now.

It is interesting that my world has always been influenced by the brain wave fluctuations between the so called real world and my own world in cyberspace but there is also an increasing influence by the various worlds of cyberspace on my world so things are all very complex at times.
Oooooooooo by the way dad had to have a quick trip to see the solicitor about the house move but he had to use the Einstein Cube because the solicitor is in Austria at the moment in his little house on the mountain. I do hope you all know about the Einstein Cube and how it works as it has been a while since I explained it. 

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