Thursday, 6 October 2011

The sad death of Steve Jobs. The iphone, the iClaudius and little old ladies with Macs

So today has seen the death of Steve Jobs a man of much influence on the fabric of our world (cyberspace); and a seriously techy bloke, not like the Ghost Writer who by his own admission is a internationally famous IT cowboy of note. Mr Steve Jobs however was an international IT style guru of note. Whose apple mac empire of ithings such as the iphone, ipad, itablet and iClaudius are used by millions

In fact I think it is fair to say that all those flash slick looking devices have scrambled the brains of millions of little old ladies, who will in years to come remember Mr Jobs with comments like WHO? WHAT ITS HALF PAST SEVEN or even APPLES THEY GET STUCK IN MY TEETH DEAR SO I’LL HAVE porridge. Ironically though it is little old ladies who are the biggest owners of Macs in the world, admittedly I am referring to the rain coat rather than the technical devices. But never again will we be able to pass a little old lady scurrying to the Post Office on pension day without a smile and a happy thought of the great man himself;  Mr Steve Jobs.

Farewell Steve Jobs

 The dog tells me that the iClaudius was manufactured by an entirely difference company and is some sort of roaming device used on an X box (AHHAH ahH haha hAHh h hah ah hah hahahahahahahah hahah hahaha hah). Mum has just said IDIOT and that obscure Roman jokes are pointless, and as the dog says what did the romans ever do for Us………. (HA HA HA HA ha ha hahahah hahah hahahahahahahahahha) …………….sorry mum.

School was yet again just like school it can be like this for weeks although not weekends and holidays so nothing much to report there although Esmeralda was told off in the domestic science class (cookery) for her rather tasty roast cat recipe. The cat was still stunned from yesterdays catapulting adventure so it never felt a thing, honest (We must just point out that no cats were harmed in the writing of this diary entry …..This is cyberspace and the cat will be back soon). The ghost Writer is complaining now that everyone will blame him and throw stuff at him like iphones and apples and other stuff he does not understand. As he says you are either an Apple man or a Microsoft man or a Chip Butty man  and me and the Ghost writer are Guess What …………….. Mum has  said IDIOTS now that’s not fair  

Ooooooo by the way it will soon be Christmas…

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