Sunday, 2 October 2011

Radical Genetically Modified Encoded Programming and the Society of Little Old Ladies. Sunday Roast and Triffids

Sunday and after a quiet start to the day in which the ghost writer was invited for lunch, he suddenly had to leap into action to fix a computer near Welshpool. We don’t know why he does these things he says it’s his good deed and that most computer people don’t do good deeds; in fact most of them will rip you off, so he says.

We had also forgotten it was The Autumn Day of the Dinner when loads of people take over the Town Hall and have Dinner (OK Lunch) including the little know but much feared Society of Little Old Ladies. They don’t often appear on mass but the smell of a free Sunday roast; jelly and Town Hall coffee means it can be very scary if you stand in the wrong place.  Tourists and small children have been known to vanish never to be seen again, under the un-imposable ( ??? do I mean that or not) force of the stampeding hoards of The Society of Little Old Ladies.

They then had the opportunity to visit the museum for free and so they did on mass where they discussed the old days when they could throw rotten fruit at the folk in the stocks; not like today when they are only allowed to throw rotten fruit at innocent passers by who can run away. As they say it is not the same at all…… String them all up ********** tourists; even the dog said he does miss chewing the occasional leg in the stocks and he now gets told off if he chews passers by.

Finally Mad Bob the Digger was out with his digger moving trees about. This is a strange and relatively new tradition introduced to Montgomery a few years ago where trees in large containers are moved about at regular intervals often a few days sometimes a few months to different parts of the town. Rumour has it that Mad Bob the Digger was so impressed by the film The Day of the Triffids, that he is training the trees to move (eventually) on their own. It appears that with time the act of moving will become encoded into the DNA of the trees. Much in the same way as at present the DNA of trees has encoded them not to move. I asked mum about this so called Radical Genetically Modified Encoded Programming or REP-GM as it is called in the New Scientist magazine and she said IDIOTS.

It may have been much easier if Mad Bob the Digger had asked dad if he could make some more Steam Powered Triffids like he did in book one. But then look at all the trouble they caused so maybe not. Its dark now too. 

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