Monday, 3 October 2011

Al Gore and the Large Hadron Weather Collider (LHWC), Ice World and Squirrels.

School was hot and sticky today but the weather is definitely on the turn I think, and by 5:00 pm there were spots of rain and the wind was picking up. Even some of the crows and rooks were circling in the sky practicing their autumn songs again.  Luckily the Squirrels have got bored with singing Tip Toe through the Tulips now and lets face it it’s not the right song for autumn.

The Geography teacher was telling us today that the unseasonal weather is all the fault of a Professor Nessman one of Captain Nessman of the High Seas relatives.  Professor Nessman has been working on the Large Hadron Weather Collider (LHWC) inside a large volcano with huge doors at the top of it. It is bits like that rather well know one in Switzerland it even has a Proton Synchrotron Booster and a Compact Muon Solenoid. The main difference is Professor Nessman’s Collider creates weather and then the accelerated weather particles are fired high into the troposphere which then causes a tropospheric ozone transient miss function resulting in the manipulation of the weather.

The Geography teacher said that the machine was created by Professor Nessman to wind up a Mr Al Gore because when their Great Great Great Grandfathers went to school, they fell out big time and so started the infamous Nessman Gore Feud. Then in recent times The Nessman’s famous Ice World went bankrupt when Mr Al Gore frightened all the banks into withdrawing their funding with rumours of Global Warming and the demise of ice in nature. The result of course was the breaking up of Ice World which had to go into liquidation and even efforts to float Ice World on the stock market failed after Mr Gores epic documentary-film .

Anyway Professor Nessman is apparently rather pleased as Mr Gore (although he always says to the Geography teacher You can CALL ME AL) looks like an IDIOT.  

The dog thinks this must be the most complex way to get to a Youtube link anyone has ever done. Mum said

Fiona Knight                The nice weather has been abruptly switched off, my conspiracy theory continues with the truth behind "The Trueman Show" , I just feel sorry for the daffodils that are appearing near to school bank.

On the Bright side Miss Fionaski it they were Tulips the Squirrels would start singing that song again.

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  1. Well that explains the recent hot weather.
    Would professor Nessman by any chance, have anything to do with the snow predicted for this October?