Sunday, 7 November 2021

The Continuing quest to draw more and slowly improve.

 A friend is writing a book as friends are inclined to do and so I am drawing s couple of pictures for it as I do like drawing stuff and I am slowly getting the hang of the new fine line pens. They are rather good as they work well with watercolour paints too. I am also drawing rocks and am about half way through one that I think is going rather well. My first one was a bit of an experiment but I decided that the idea has legs . . . . unlike the rocks.

So here we have two more drawing one a cat and the other rocks. I will post the latest rocks image later once I finish it assuming it does not go completely wrong. One small problem with fine line pens is there is no going backwards once you draw a line that line is there for good.

Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Charlie and the Moon

 I am drawing quite a lot at present, it is good for the mind. . . One of my latest is this. It is based on a 11th century ink drawing on silk by Li Cheng and called Buddhist Temple in the Mountains.

I drew my old friend Charlie the other day using a telescope I had given him just a few days before. His wife had then taken a picture of him and sent it to me. Anyway I am now pondering the next thing to draw. It is an odd thing because you really need to feel something that makes you go OOOOooooo that's it I will draw that and I have yet to find my next little project . . . . . Manet has been suggested so we will see. 

Thursday, 2 September 2021

Everyone Loves a Chap with a Fine Line Pen and a bit of spare time

I am quietly working my way through a few well known paintings although I'm drawing them rather than painting them which would take far too long and I am far too old to do such things as well as not having the patience to complete such tasks. Anyway my last picture was American Gothic. Not really a lot of room for Artistic Licence with this one so I stuck fairly close to the original I have now started on my next drawing of what is a very well known painting here in Britain it is The Monarch of the Glen. Not what I was planning to draw but it turned up on a TV show and I thought OOOooooooo that is ideal.

Tuesday, 10 August 2021

I'm still here and still drawing

In order to prove I am still about here are a couple of my most recent pictures based on the art of other folk who are far more talented than myself.