Wednesday, 1 April 2020

An A to Z Coronavirus observational guide. . . A

The Apocalyptic Apocalypse sometimes also known as Armageddon.

To be fair this may be a slight over exaggeration of the situation. After all this virus is only really at its worst if you are old and frail or have serious underlying health issues. No one really wants to be in that situation, but if you are then you definitely don’t want this virus. However 24hr news media needing constant drama plus enough selfish folk putting themselves first have managed to create enough fear to give those queuing up to raid the supermarket just one more time (just in case) a serious sense of foreboding that means they better prepare for Armageddon. And quite frankly what is the point in leaving anything on the shelves of the supermarket if it is the Apocalypse. 

It is better to try and avoid panicking and remember the one thing that gets touched many times a day by strangers which you will grab hold of and never think about is in fact the handle of that supermarket trolley. As it happens because I am writing in advance to avoid to much stress on my A to Z journey I now notice that the masses have also noticed this and everyone is wearing gloves and supermarkets are doing their bit cleaning them. 

And I can see this observational guide ending in Zombies. OOOOoooooo yes.

A Zombie Rabbit

Saturday, 14 March 2020

The arrival of Doomsday . . . . . The Coronavirus known as Covid-19

SO I guess you are thinking Hey this diary is very quiet plainly there is nothing much happening in the world. Well that is not entirely true because sort of out of the blue . . . (well out of a Chinese fish and wild animal market it appears) . . . has arrived the doomsday virus (Covid 19). Actually it is not a proper doomsday virus unless you are old and frail or have other health issues, but folk in general like the idea of doomsday so have decided to runabout panicking and waving their hands about or I should say washing their hands more than they have ever done before.

It is a curious thing this virus because it seems to spread faster than something very very fast indeed like for example a cheetah tied to a rocket.  The result of all this is economic Armageddon as stock markets crash (well that’s my savings a bit messed up) and an entire world panic buying anything they can stash away to eat that will keep them going when they have to lock themselves into their homes for several months to avoid becoming Zombies or worse.

There are of course always odd things that happen when folk panic on mass like an obsession with panic buying toilet rolls, something which ironically in not in short supply as manufacturers have upped production to meet the public’s desire for them. Although the public have decided you just cannot have too many toilet rolls. Or bars of soap now; I understand that one let’s face it half the public never washed their hands much until the coronavirus (covid 19) turned up so they have discovered a whole new thing to master.

Now you may think that there can be no upside to any of this as it’s the nearest thing to doomsday the world has experience in years, yet there are a few. Suddenly one of the most environmental bad things us humans do has plummeted. Yes flying, aeroplanes, no the aeroplanes have not plummeted but they are really bad environmentally and now they are not allowed to land anywhere so can't take off.  The Chinese have banned wild animals markets (again) so that is great as they were eating animals kept in terrible conditions or in danger of extinction. This time I suspect the ban will remain permanent. China will not want another virus entering the life of all humans on the planet.

Finally here in Britain the one positive thing is no one even mentions Brexit now, it is all but forgotten and by the time it crops up again the world could look very different indeed.

Well I may be back again soon I mean we are all locked up in our homes and listening to the news at present which is not very cheery.  

And as some of you know I have had a long running battle with Zombies as they try to sneak into the garden and at present they appear to be smiling at me through the windows . . . . . MMMmmmmmmm That’s not meant to happen.

Monday, 13 January 2020

An Update of an Ever Unreliable Diary about Stuff

MMMMmmmm Hello yes I know it’s 2020, how did that happen. Well as you know our cat Sooty had a terrible accident and that was the last post. Since then many things have happened. From Boris Johnson becoming the new British Prime Minister and then winning an election. From a personal point of view I think this will not be good, but who am I to know; I’m just a chap keeping a low profile in a world that us humans are and have made slightly worse than it was before we arrived. Although that is entirely subjective depending on your view point. Dodos however think humans are terrible things, or they did before we ate them all.

Right back to the point we have also gained a new cat something we said we were not planning to do. What we decided was we would not look for a cat, but if a cat found us we would look after it. And sure enough as a direct result of our favourite vet we ended up with another black cat which we have now called Snowy. We were told it was about 5 but we suspect it may be nearer 10. It is certainly very quiet and chilled and does like a good sleep and is often in bed till about ten thirty in the morning.

We have had a couple of trips to hospital and the Ghost Writers wife is due to have a new all singing and dancing hip in a few weeks.

There is a tiny leak in the workshop and also the summerhouse, the result of a rather wet winter, but these can’t be fixed until the rain stops. I have a feeling that it will not be long until something rather profound happens on the planet that will have folk saying . . . . . . . WHAT . . . . How did that happen . . . .

I don’t know what this will be or when but I do think it will be sooner rather than later. However as I have already said I am just a chap and know nothing.
Right that’s it I’m off now. Not sure when I will return, but if something profound happens I’ll be here saying    . . . . I told you so and being all snug while fending off an Alien, Zombie or squid with a pointy stick.

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Sooty the Cat

It has not been a good September. Very sadly our black cat Sooty had to be put down after an accident with the car at the beginning of the month. He was a mad beast and for reasons I still don’t know got trapped under a wheel. We were reversing at the time very very slowly and he had been watching us as we did so, but then decided to go back under the car. He was totally deaf and had already been through about 20 lives. We rushed him to the vet who gave him strong painkillers, although I think he was in shock more than pain. But after an X ray it was clear it was best to have him put to sleep.

We have had many cats over the years but Sooty was one of the special ones. Anyway we have decided that we will not have any more cats for now as both of us are getting old and knackered and both have some health issues these days.

Sooty had turned up as a stray kitten 9 years ago and probably would not have survived had we not fed him and got him to the vets back then. So we know that he did have a great life it is just sad it was not a bit longer.