Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mexican Food the prehistoric caveman, IKEA and shopping out of Town

Sometimes fitting everything in can be rather hard and today is one of those days partly because we are going out to eat at a Mexican Restaurant in Mexico. At least getting there is easy I can use the Einstein Cube; It came back, it’s a long story and well we don’t have time to tell it with is very ironic considering it’s the Einstein Cube. Anyway I have been busy.

Charlie and Miss Jane are coming with us to eat they rather fancied Mexican food and so in about two hours we will be there eating YUM (when I say YUM I just mean YUM and not eating a YUM). The Angel of the Norse has had a quick undercoat with some spray paint to seal the cardboard although it still has no hands yet

I have also moved a load of stuff from one room to another room so that when we move it can be moved to another room in another house so that it can be sorted and moved to other rooms where it can then stay for years gathering dust until someone’s says we don’t need that and throws it away.  I wonder if prehistoric caveman did this;

Mrs Caveman ……. Do we really need this round Wheel (for the want of a better word) thing on the wall; Ugg (Mr Caveman)

Mr Caveman ……….Well it might come in useful one day

Mrs Caveman …... Well could you of at least made it flat thin and long then it would have been useful as a Shelf (for the want of a better word)

Mr Caveman ……….I have heard of Shelves a wise caveman told me that man will never master shelves.

Mrs Caveman ….. Surely if we were to maybe sacrifice something to the great god IKEA it would help us with our Shelves.. How about that stupid round Wheel thing you have on the wall

Anyway they did and to this day you can’t get to an IKEA without using wheels. No its true you try and walk.

I seem to have lost the plot tonight yet again Mum has said IDIOT. But men still can not put up shelves

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