Sunday, 9 October 2011

Its Life Jim but not as we know it, the high wire, chainsaws and Goldfish fritters

Sunday on a typical average quiet autumn day can be very quiet and this was the case today. I think everyone is in a slight state of limbo as the house is slowly vanishing into boxes and therefore I no longer know exactly where anything is. What with that and the making things and training the dog to tightrope walk blindfolded while juggling chainsaws. We really are somewhat disjointed at present. 

When I say disjointed I don’t mean the dog has been removing bits of us accidently with the chainsaws when he drops them while practicing his high wire act. No it’s life that is disjointed (not as in its life Jim but not as we know IT but as in Life the Universe and Stuff). Now look I’m off on a tangent now when I need to be back writing a diary and mum has shouted IDIOT at me from the roof. She is repairing the satellite dish for her sub ether short wave radio which she contacts her spy friends on although I am not allowed to say that ………….. AH. Mum has shouted IDIOT at me again and has thrown a roof tile at me. She threw that a bit wide so when I ducked it has hit Mr Jenkins’s greenhouse. You know the Armadillo greenhouse which mum and dad built for him way back in the early pages of book one. PHEW that was a long time ago time flies.

I have managed to move some heavy bits from one place to another so that they can be moved again before we move; then we will be able to move them to the new house so we can move them to their new finally place of rest. Moving house is apparently like this; a lot of thing are moved several times unless of course you pay loads of money to a gang of 400 men who turn up at midnight on the day of moving and move it all in one go to the new house. But if you do that dad tells me it takes twenty five years to find everything again and in general you give up half way through and hide half the boxes and then forget what is in them.

That would be just too stressful for me and dad the thought of loads of boxes with stuff in that we would never be able to unpack and leaving all those things lying about in sheds for years to look at, thinking one day that will be really useful. Mum has shouted IDIOT again and hit Fluffy the cat with a tile now. It’s a bit windy so her aim is rubbish. It has put the dog off his high wire act too he has fallen in the pond with three chainsaws running. The dog is OK, I think but we will be having Goldfish fritters for tea now …………… YUM mum has shouted IDIOT again.

Anyway as I said  at the start just your average quiet Sunday in the Welsh hills really.

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