Sunday, 16 October 2011

Ecstasy and teenagers with dummies, teeth, the Garden of Eden and the Eden Project.

Well last nights meal was good although there were three young teenage kids who were sucking dummies outside and kicked the door rather hard. As it happens the door was made of steel so they may be wandering about limping now. The word IDIOT seems to come to mind. But what’s all this teenagers with dummies stuff, I thought I was the Eccentric Child.

The dog has suggested it is to indicate to the world that they are also dummies, not as in sit in a Volvo and then get driven at high speed at a wall. More run at a wall at high speed and bounce off it, the dummies then stop their teeth falling out. Although the dog is fairly convinced that the hardened few who persist with the habit long term end up lying in a bed with railings like a large cot going GAGA GUGU (not a reference to the singer by the way).

The dog also says it’s an Ecstasy thing, those on Ecstasy do grind their teeth a lot and a good dummy (or to be technical A Pacifier) stops them from grinding their teeth to nothing.

Anyway today has been about a bit of gardening behind Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop and several trips to the recycling with garden waste. Well that was hard work; I am not entirely sure why I am clearing his garden for him. I know he does not like gardening not since all that trouble in the Garden of Eden in Cornwall when he got all confused with the other one; convincing a party of pensioners to eat the only  black watermelon in Britain. He told them it would restore their teeth and they would all have sparkly white smiles and their days of swapping false teeth in the day room at the old folk’s home would be over.  As it happened their trip to the Eden Project was over instead, although they put up a good fight according to Mr Beelzebub and in the end the police were called.

We have also just about sorted the invite for the Christmas Preview at Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop on the 4th Nov and the Angel of the Norse is a bit goldish in colour although still has no hands yet and My Beelzebub says he wants it to be flying in the Window how ……. WHAT ….. NOT FAIR.  Mum says he is the devil and its best just to get on and sort it, I think I better get some advice from the dog. No he’s not that good at flying or the high wire act as it happens but he is very good at technical stuff.  

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