Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Lemmy, Motorhead, Miss Fionaski the Famous Russian Spy and the Grimble Spin

It has been a day of as dad would put it “a bit of this a bit of that, let the Seagull nibble the fish tail, twist the Grimble Spin in the apple pie and glue the lip on the tea caddy”.  Mum often replies to dad’s quirky sayings  with IDIOT, so does the dog and so does the manager at the Supermarket.

Mum and dad went there today (the Supermarket) and dad said to the manager “you have been Balancing the can on the pot noodle, it will all end in tiers. You’ll find your two for the price of one will spoil the cook and a kettle watched will never sell. Dad said the manager was not paying attention because he thought Lemmy from Motorhead was running off with frozen legs of lamb (again). Silly manager he should know by now that it’s the dog and we all know the old saying “Never the twix turn dog and frozen legs of lamb if nay be bitten on own leg” so the manager apparently is limping a bit now.  Still the dog is enjoying eating the frozen legs of lamb.

Anyway when I got back from school I found a post it note from Miss Fionaski the Famous Russian Spy in the kitchen. It was in code so I am not entirely sure what it meant but she said “there is a Wasp sitting in the room upstairs Watch out” and the note also said on it “Harry is staring at the wall up top”, well we all know what that means.

Anyway that’s your lot for tonight as the Angel of the Norse will not make herself and the dag said “time marches on an empty stomach”.  Although mum says Just get on with it Rob and don’t be an IDIOT. That hardly has the same poetic quirky and slightly confused image does it, not like “the feather on the wind flies further than the stone in the river although the stone may travel further given time”. And you can’t argue with that.   

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  1. OK, now you should do a book on 'sayings.'
    I'd buy, especially if it were 2 for the price of 1...or in the bargain bin.

    Honestly, I'm not cheap but there is a recession on.