Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Angel of the Norse, The Monty Cardboard Robot Club and the Christmas Window

I have been working on The Angel of the Norse today for the Christmas window. It is best to be prepared in advance because if the house move suddenly happens it will be chaos. It is made of cardboard (the angel not the house) which may sound a bit odd but it will be OK in the end (I think).

Me and the Ghost Writer are the only members of Monty Cardboard Robot Club now which means one of use has too make it because the Monty Cardboard Robot Club always do the Christmas Window at Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop, its traditional . Mum used to be a member but she said the rest of the members were IDIOTS although at that point there was just the three of us.  Anyway the Angel of the Norse is starting to take shape although it still has no head yet. Napoleon Beelzebub popped in to see progress and gave me two out of ten so far. I think because it still has no horns and is not scary yet. But it is early days it will be good in the end.

I am sorry I am late tonight but we have all been at a family party for the Ghost Writers granddaughter Miss Elle who is sixteen tomorrow and who has to spend almost all of tomorrow in a car going to a place so she can come back again.  

You see its all this modern western society it really is not efficient, we go places and then return from them when in reality if we couldn’t go to them we wouldn’t need too. We have created a whole structure of society dependent on the ability to get to places we should not be able to get too and one day it will all end in tears or so mum and dad say. It is why they want to be more eco; although dads huge steam powered things are not very eco I’m sure, but he says they are steam and  that doesn’t count because steam powered things have soul not like all the modern plastic rubbish.

Anyway we are home now and once I finish my diary I an going to go and Chill (not as in getting cool but as in relaxing).  I Hope everyone is well in the big wide world. see you tomorrow hopefully a little earlier.

The angel of the Norse still has no head, no wings, no hands and loads of other stuff to be done yet. But it is worth making the point that people underestimate just what can be done with old cardboard boxes

To See the Angel of the Norse finished please select the Angel of the Norse link below.


  1. I will be waiting to see The Angel of the Norse finished. I didn't know cardboard could make art. Is this a true project or a joke?

  2. Not a Joke; I do realize the line between reality and other stuff can make the diary a little confusing but cardboard can make some really interesting art and although the Angel of the Norse is a bit of a play on words as UP NORTH in the UK we have the famous Angel of the North.

    Last year we (the Monty Cardboard Robot Club) made Norwegian Bruce the Viking and the year before was Santa Claws for the window of Napoleon Beelzebub's Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop. They even started a Christmas window competition in town as a result, which the shop can never win because it is judged by little old ladies who also say AAAAAauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuGGGGHH.

    I will try and find a pic, I have an internationally famous filing system which has been developed by science into the now rather well known Chaos Theory so I can never find stuff

  3. I am very impressed with your cardboard art, very impressed.

    I have left a little something for you on my latest post. It's again, just to show how much I enjoy your blog.

    You can do with it what ever you wish. ;0)