Sunday, 30 October 2011

To be dynamic or not dynamic .... I must ask the The Radical Abstract Thinkers of Cyberspace

I have returned to the dynamic views as part of a great experiment in experimenting, it is what us humans do. If we didn’t then there would be no bombs, guns, weapons of mass destruction, pollution, internet or me. So weighting up all that bad stuff, against the option of no me I think we all know which we would go for don’t we. Still we can not turn back the clock, Funnily enough though we can turn back the clock and here in the UK (WALES) we turned back the clock at 2:00am last night so that it just goes to show.  I don’t mind going backwards in time I am used to that it is the leap forward I hate it always takes me ages to adjust and I have been known to refuse to do it, although it can cause a bit of agro with the lessons in school. Thinks like doing maths in the French lesson and the like.

Anyway Just saying I am back on Dynamic views again for a little while to see???????? ....... Maybe, once the house move is out the way I will return back to the other view if friends and fellow members of R.A.Ts The Radical Abstract Thinkers still have agro with comments after all we have to stick together.

I must go see you all later 

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