Saturday, 1 October 2011

Napoleon Beelzebub and The Mysterious Bagpipe Man of the Hills. The Charleston and ancient dance rituals.

It is the 1st Oct and it is officially the hottest day ever, going right back to when the earth was a molten mass with lava flows running down the high street into the main square where the masses would scream and run to avoid it all. Well that’s what Napoleon Beelzebub says but I think he might be getting a little confused between here and the darker depths of his cellar.

Anyway even if it is true this time everyone was sitting about in the Sun (the one in the sky not the rather good place to eat in Marton). Or had run off to the coast to strip off and get sun burnt so that they will all be bright red and lay about groaning tomorrow, it is very easy to see how Napoleon Beelzebub can get things confused.

Those people who did venture into his shop today (Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop) were confronted by the new law in Wales that says all carrier bags must be paid for and although most were OK some people grumbled, it is not good to grumble in  Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop at present Mr Beelzebub has all sorts at the moment who say its all a big mistake and I am nice really underneath or someone has to torture everyone I am just doing an honest days work or even I will give you all my camels, he is not a fan of Camels but the mention of camels will give me a good music link for the Blog tonight so I am quite pleased.

So he threatened everyone with The Mysterious Bagpipe Man of the Hills who came and played classic Scottish songs until everyone donated to the school fund in payment of the carrier bags, (it did not take long).

Finally some of the town’s folk are descending on the Town Hall tonight to dance the Charleston under red lights and in strange dress. I think if must be a ritual to appease Mr Beelzebub after the arrival of The Mysterious Bagpipe Man of the Hills today. I bet the Welsh Government did not think that, when they thought up all these silly laws on carrier bags it would all end in bagpipes, flapper dresses and ancient dance rituals.

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