Thursday, 14 July 2016

Poetry for the Perfect Crime

I have trimmed the lawn
And cut the hedge
Watered the plants
And buried Reg
Underneath the patio
AH no sorry
No he has run away
To a foreign land
Or so I have been led to understand
And all his dogs have run away
And will not be back
So the neighbours say
And it was a shock to see
His house burn down
The fire brigade stuck
Just out of town
By a fallen tree on the track
Plus several boulders in a sack
And a huge hole
Dug in the dead of night
Something the fire brigade said
Was a bit suspicious and not quite right
Meaning Reg’s house has completely gone
Destroying the scene of the crime
Sorry I mean
Reg must be having a terrible time
Wherever he is
Although none of us know
But he is definitely not
Under my patio


Maybe I should not have said that


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Mr Squid although I have woken up to a very sad day in france. . . . Some folk have a very distorted view of society

  2. It would be a true statement then, if only you know, then there isn't an "us" that knows. Only cats do purrfect crimes.

    1. I'm sure one of our cats is a master criminal.