Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Cross Blog Okapi Song

Okapi Okapi
Where have you bin
I’ve bin to a bathroom
To watch spiders and sin

Okapi Okapi
What did you see
I saw a young child
He was screaming at me

Okapi Okapi
What did you do
Hid behind mirror
Then ran back to the zoo

Okapi Okapi
How did you fair
I think I’ve made it
Mum googled a six legged, one eyed ……. Bear?

There has been a question asked I think and it is best therefore to explain. This is best done by viewing the origins of the Bathroom Okapi (.....thinks could I make my fortune selling Bathroom Okarpet Mats to the masses). .......... ...... Someone just shouted IDIOT 

Please click on pic for a trip to the origins of the Okapi 


  1. You are like a mad genius, you make me laugh so much. (now tinged with a bit of sadness for the post below) Your eccentricity is wonderful!

    There are some wonderful writers around at the moment and you, Rob Z Tobor are one of them.

  2. What was the child doing at the zoo?