Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Radical Abstract Thinkers. Uncle Frank's Wild Years and the man Stephen Fry again

Today I was removing fairy lights from Moroccan Lanterns, now you might be thinking that’s an odd thing to do but if you stick an ordinary light bulb in a Moroccan Lantern, quite frankly it is the kiss of death. So always use fairy lights (the LED ones as they last so much longer), and your lantern will look well cool and very magical. 

Right that is tonight’s interior design tip over HA HAH AH AH HAH haahh hah hah hahahhaha hahahahha ha, mum has just said IDIOT but quite agrees with the point about using fairy lights.

After a relatively calm day weather wise, it is now dark, the wind is blowing with wild gusts rattling through the trees stripping the leafs. So, I think we can say without contradiction, that it will look considerably more of a wintery disposition in the morning light (I was pretending to be Stephen Fry then).  

It is just as well that we managed to get Uncle Frank out of the woods yesterday and on his aeroplane to Spain; or he would have rolled himself up in the dead leaves and we would never find him. Well not until the spring, when he would emerge demanding tea with hot toast and butter.  By the way the plane to Spain was not the plain in Spain that the rain mainly falls on; no that is a plain, you know one of those things dad has in his workshop for plaining wood (thus the name plain). I think it is some sort of reminder from god to do with Noah’s Ark. You know sort of without a good trusty sharp plain Noah would have never finished that ark in time and the Dinosaurs would all now be extinct ….. ….. ….. ……AH.  

A new movement in the arts was formed today by a small group of Bloggers whose ideas and thought are mocked by the massed folk of mainstream society; leaving them to skulk in the dark recesses of cyberspace. Luckily I rather like skulking in dark places so I have joined them. I don’t think the rest of this group know they are part of it yet it may be a bit of a surprise when they find out. The group is called The Radical Abstract Thinkers or R.A.Ts for short so named because we are never short of a tale; unless we have been pursued by a farmer’s wife with a carving knife.  HA hHAh HAH hahhAHh hahahhAHA Hhaah hahHAAHH hahah hAH …

We have stolen the old saying We are loonies we are proud. Because there is a view by some that what we write is MAD.  How, just how could they????? 

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