Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The cat, the boxes and the household effects sometimes called rubbish

Heavy Harry the Cat has spent the last half an hour operating the PC and it has to be said not very well as all it has done is bleep at him. The Dog is not very impressed as the cats can not do Maths, or speak Latin and he has now discovered they can not operate a PC. I think the cats might need the IT teacher’s artificial brain the size of a brain. 

Heavy Harry the Cat and the PC

 As it happens one of the things I did notice yesterday was there was virtually no one in school and it was rather odd to spend all day doing IT but I discovered today it is half term ………. AH. I did ask mum why she let me go to school on half term, but she thought I was being super keen and not being an IDIOT. Anyway because I have been at home today I got to move loads of boxes about, apparently I am allowed to do this all week if I like but me and the dog might try and escape to the Woods to see if the Lemmings and Dodo’s are still OK and have avoided either catapulting themselves to death (the Dodo’s) or leaping off high things to their death (the Lemmings). Although no one dies much in cyberspace and they are always smiling the next day, well maybe not smiling as such.

There have been some really bad storms in the UK over the last twenty four hours with loads of flooding it has not been good but it has not effected where we life in the hills of Wales and the weather has been OK here. It was quite warm and sunny today where we are, so it just goes to show how fickle the weather can be in the UK.

I  did manage to go and see what was for sale in the town hall, every now and again they have an auction of what is called household effects or what mum calls RUBBISH. But as it happens I quite liked some of the stuff in there this time some nice cool looking chairs and a few interesting Victorian bits of furniture, sort of stuff that could look good in a pirate ship. But as we move house in exactly two weeks from today; I think it would be madness to buy stuff. Well when I say I think it would be madness to buy stuff; mum said WHAT THAT’S MADNESS to me, the dog, and dad, so I think she might be right. Mum tells me that she is right and I am an IDIOT.

Ooooooo by the way I forgot, but I finished gluing all the preview invites together today too. I knew there was something else I had done, silly me


  1. Heavy Harry the Cat and the PC, sounds like a new children's book.

    I have always been intrigued as to why Dodos catapult and Lemmings leap.
    Next time you're out in the woods, do enquire about this please...providing if there are any left that haven't commited suicide.

  2. I am on the laptop aga (?)

    I will start again...... I am on the laptop again so spelling is rubbish and I am doomed to being Mr Anon toooo ....... AAAAAaaaaaauuuuggggghHHHHH OK just thought I better point that out

    . Dear Miss Lily the Dodo's catapult because they cant fly they think they should be able to fly but they cant so they build catapults to get the extra inertia but once in the air travelling at 90mph they are the wrong shape to steer and in a wood that is important so they hit trees. Somewhere back in the last 200,000 words I did go on about this but it maybe before you became interested the adventure of a mad child in cyberspace. And lets face it where else but cyberspace would you be in conversation with a mad child discussing why Dodo's make catapults. I don’t think the bores at Blogs of Note are going to add me to the list.

    Oooo I should also point out the dog does regularly go and destroy the catapults. As for the Lemmings of Petrograd it is a leap of faith, one for all and all for one fight to the last man. And in recognition of their great bravery they renamed Petrograd, Lemmingrad

    Mr ANON…