Wednesday, 12 October 2011

THE END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH. The poker made in Metalwork and loyalty points

The house move appears to have suddenly generated a huge pile of paperwork and mum and dad have been signing loads of stuff, and dad had to do  several runs to the solicitor in the car with bits of paper too and passed the school a few times.

Dad was very good because each time he passed he fired off several thunder flashes to let me know he was passing, they were well cool. It was a bit off a shock for some of the teachers, in particular the Religious Education teacher who has been very insistent that the end of the world is nigh so several large flashes and bangs and huge clouds of smoke and an assortment of pyrotechnics was final proof.  He really should never have insisted that the Headmaster repent all his sins before he went to meet the DEVIL and rot in hell; because the headmaster is sort of OK for a headmaster and Napoleon Beelzebub told me the headmaster does not have enough loyalty points yet to get into the bottom floor of his cellar.

As it happened the next mistake was to say the same thing to Esmeralda, who has found another poker now (the one John made in Metalwork). By the way the POKER is the metal thing we poke the fire with not the game of poker which the dog keeps beating me at, just thought I better say.

The R.E. teacher did plead for a bit with the Headmaster to let him in his office but the Head shouted back something about he was busy packing his suitcase for his trip to HELL and was rather busy so the R. E. teacher should appeal to Esmeralda’s better side …………. O DEAR.

We didn’t see either of them after that all day (Esmeralda and the teacher) so we will never know what happened although the dog thought he heard some screaming in the woods, but then there is always screaming in the woods.

The house move it appears is getting closer, and maybe just a few weeks away now. Lets hope the broadband link between worlds is OK or that will be the end of me YICKS.

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