Sunday, 22 September 2019

Sooty the Cat

It has not been a good September. Very sadly our black cat Sooty had to be put down after an accident with the car at the beginning of the month. He was a mad beast and for reasons I still don’t know got trapped under a wheel. We were reversing at the time very very slowly and he had been watching us as we did so, but then decided to go back under the car. He was totally deaf and had already been through about 20 lives. We rushed him to the vet who gave him strong painkillers, although I think he was in shock more than pain. But after an X ray it was clear it was best to have him put to sleep.

We have had many cats over the years but Sooty was one of the special ones. Anyway we have decided that we will not have any more cats for now as both of us are getting old and knackered and both have some health issues these days.

Sooty had turned up as a stray kitten 9 years ago and probably would not have survived had we not fed him and got him to the vets back then. So we know that he did have a great life it is just sad it was not a bit longer.