Monday, 10 October 2011

Pizza with Ham, Bacon, Pineapple, Mozzarella, Strong Cheddar, mushrooms sausage, barbeque sauce and chillies

I am off drumming tonight in fact I am off in just a few minutes so will write as much as I can before I need to go. I have just managed to eat 10 slices of pizza which should keep me from starving for a couple of hours I guess and they did have archives, Ham, Bacon, Pineapple, Mozzarella, Strong Cheddar, mushrooms sausage, barbeque sauce and chillies on.

 And I had chips and Scotch Eggs and hash Brownies, Welsh cakes and fritters just in case I get hungry in the next couple of hours while I’m off drumming. Anyway I will be back a bit later to have a proper meal and maybe some more chips. And inform you of the day.... 

.......................................... A bit Later  

AH ….Guess what I have got the wrong night, I do not know how that has happened but it did  so hay-hoe these things happen. Mum said IDIOT

So another day of learning stuff about stuff like Earth travels through space at 66,700 miles per hour, which is quite fast really and a  Peregrine Falcon can fly at  200mph (320 km/h) and is the fastest bird on the planet, the top speed recorded being 242.3mph (390 km/h).  But if the earth is travelling at 66,700 miles an hour in one direction and a Peregrine Falcon flies at 200 miles an hour in the other direction, the Peregrine Falcon is flying backwards at 66,500 miles an hour which is much more impressive. I asked the teacher about this and he threw the blackboard eraser at me but I ducked and it hit Esmeralda. So I never found out the answer about the Peregrine Falcon flying backwards because the teacher ran away and hid under the headmaster’s desk in his office.  I don’t blame him hitting Esmeralda in the ear with a blackboard eraser is a bad move.

I got well told off too by Esmeralda for ducking and she threw a poker at me (the one I made in Woodwork) which stabbed Frank in the arm when I ducked. Frank had gone to hospital now and although he did get told off for bleeding on the last piece of original parquet flooring from 1757. The teacher is quite pleased as it took Esmeralda’s mind of the fact she had been hit in the ear with the blackboard eraser, I was quiet pleased because I have finally got my poker (the one I made in Woodwork) back. Frank is now quite pleased as he will be off school for several weeks having a rest and eating ice cream.

Even John was pleased because all the talk of ducks made him realise that a duck flying in the opposite direction to earth at 20 miles an hour while the earth is travelling at 66,700 miles an hour means the duck flies backwards at 66,680 miles an hour so is faster at flying backwards than a  Peregrine Falcon. He pointed this out to the teacher who was rather silly and threw the blackboard eraser at John and guess what happened when John ducked.

As it happened that was the end of school and we last saw the teacher running up the High street pursued by Esmeralda, although she did not have my poker this time …. PHEW. 

By the way I had Anchovies on My Pizza not archives …… Mum has said IDIOT

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