Sunday, 9 October 2011

I have been given one of these awards by a fellow blogger (when I say fellow I mean another blogger as she is female) 

 the incoherent rambling sofa single parent  ...... (NO that is not quite right)

Anyway to get it I have two things to do one I cant do which is recommend seven other Blogs.

 I dont follow enough blogs. After all I write every night and am several other people on Facebook, hit twitter on occasion and am also a dog on Twitter DONT ASK and mum said IDIOT. 

The other is to tell you three things about Me (O NO..... NO WAY) so three things about the Ghost Writer....... He is not here so can not complain

1 .... He was a Robot Submarine Pilot in the North Sea a long time ago.

2 .... He is as scatty as a scatty thing, an IT cowboy who knows a little about lots but is the worse speller in the world

3 .....He once saved a runaway unmanned truck by leaping into the cab and stopping it as others fled. Thinking AH yes that will make the newspaper front page. "Hero stops runaway truck from destruction". But no no one was interested and a policeman told him off for letting it ruin a grass field by not stopping it in time. As he said at the time (the Ghost Writer not the policeman) ... NOT FAIR.


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