Friday, 24 August 2012

The Pre before the Preview before the Post Preview. Time does Fly

Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop closed way back at the end of March his vast subterranean labyrinth of floors and chambers where the bulk of his extensive collection of objects were kept mysteriously vanishing back into the depths of his domain. For now anyway until a time that Mr Beelzebub calls Global Warming with Pointy teeth (none of that mandy-pamby half baked Global Warming). 

It has (his domain) all been scrubbed and cleaned by his minions, if they did a good job they were allowed a glass of water before being dipped in the cauldron full of bubbling molten rabbits?

Anyway the reason I mention this is we are off to the little gallery that has now moved into this shop, to an exhibition preview tonight. I did not have to make invites and I don’t need to remember anyone’s name or circulate and get confused……WELL COOL.

 However before we go we plan to stop in Bishops Castle to do a bit of this and a bit of that, as you do in this part of the world. So I am splitting tonight’s diary entry into a pre preview and post preview, this bit being the pre, so I will go now and return in the post ( I don’t mean the postman will squeeze me though the letterbox either).

PART TWO ......................... LATER

………………………… A bit Later

We have returned from the preview so I am now in the post preview position allowing me to bring you all right up to date. It all looked like it was going really well and loads of folk had turned up, I even knew the names of quite a lot of them although there were people who I didn’t know the name of but then I don’t think they knew who I was…… WELL COOL.

I did notice one omission from the Preview something my good friend Napoleon Beelzebub always made sure was at all previews because he knew that there was a little gang of us who just loved them and would sign all those contracts he used to stick in front of folk when they were otherwise distracted by the aroma and taste of these little sticks of addictive deliciousness, yes there were no TWIGLETS………. Yes it was a bit of a shock so in order to recover from this I took a chance and ventured into the Monty chip shop and had some fairly good fish and chips. Not as good as The Sun Inn in Marton or Big Bills Greasy Fur-ball Café but not too bad for a chippy.

However I have eaten everything now drank a drink of tea and plan to put my feet up, if only I could get my hands on a few packets of TWIGLETS I could sit and eat all night, I wonder if moths taste the same, the cat eats them from time to time.

YUCK apparently not………… Mum has just said IDIOT



  1. Sorry Rob Z but Twiglets are the instrument of the Devil himself!

    1. Well me and Mr Beelzebub are very partial to nibbling the odd packet of Twiglets while he spit roasts a well know Ex leader of some country that was having agro a couple of years ago. It always reminds me of my dentist a bit, because Mr Beelzebub will insist on asking them questions which is fine, but they can only mumble with an apple stuck in their mouth.

      He then tells them off for mumbling and they have to do an extra two hours on the spit roast, I'm glad my dentist does not do that.

  2. I had a wonderFULL comment for you yesterday evening using the weeeeb browser on my vvife's iPhone, but for some missed-stir-e-us reason the Verizon service failed in Dumas TX, arg would say a pirate right here right now. So the eXact message was lost, but the main part of the message was that I was drinking something from the UK and I was wondering if it was manufactured, or womanufactured, near you. Unfortunately I have forgot the name of the beverage. IronicaLLy it is part of the nature of the beverage to make you forget things. But forgetting the name of the beverage is counterproductive, I would think. But since I appear to be thinking ever so slightly less better than before ... Oh, darnsies, I forget where this sentence is going ... Oh, now I remember, if I can find the name or location, I vvill send another comment.

    1. We could pin it down by the process of elimination, sort of

      Was it a spirit (WOOOOoooooooow) or a beer

      What colour was it.

      Was it a big drink or a little drink.

      Was in a can or a bottle

      Did it effect your memory.

      What sort of flavour did it have.

      How many fingers am I holding up and stuff like that. Then using all my skills I could work out what it may have been. The only slight problem in this process is I don't drink so unless it was tea or Cocoa I may struggle to find a name

    2. I believe the brew location was Tadcaster, which I think is not close to you, and the word Brown was in the name. Let me check the cam-era on the iPhone to see if I photo'ed it during the Dumas era. Nope, no photographical evidence.

      "How many fingers am I holding up and ...." - hahahahhahahahhhahahaaaahhhaahhhaaahhaaaaaaa ... I am thinking I should guess [two]. WeLL, there are only 29 minutes left in the morning, so Cooper and I should go outside .....

    3. You are right North Yorkshire is not close by UK standards maybe 150 miles at a guess, but I suspect that may not be regarded as far in the US. Because the UK is smallish there are lots of places in between and people in cars going from here to there so the roads are busy and it takes time to get about.

      However I have a web site