Friday, 30 March 2018

Poetry for the Cheesy Snipe

Peter picked 
A pilly pipe 
A porty pry 
And a cheesy Snipe 
And ate them 
All very fast 
To ensure At finishing 
He was not last 

No one should rush 
A porty pry 
They can make you rather sick 
A chap could die.

And now Peter groans
In his bed 
Covered in blotches 
that are 



Thursday, 27 July 2017

Poetry for a Grumpy Old Man and his Dragon

A rather odd and grumpy old man

Who came from Mesopotamia

 Owns a large pink dragon

Which he bought

In a market in Transylvania

They both juggle crows

Talk to fish

And have been known to swim,
while breathing Fire

Which they will do at children’s parties

As they are available for Hire

And it is said

When the fennel moon

Is seen in the Sky

Its streaky bacon light

Glinting on the river passing by

That they sing

And laugh

And tell forgotten stories from the ancient Past

But if you ever hear one

Be warned

 It will probably be

Your Last.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Poetry with beasts and a wizard

A flim flam
And a falafel
Where sitting on a Post
The flim flam looking bemused 
As it ate some thickly sliced hot Toast
You appear to have lost something
The flim flam inquisitively Said
I have . . . 
 I have lost a beautiful Rudy said the falafel
And it’s very very Red
The flim flam smiled 
As it looked out upon the Sunny Day
And said
Is that it glinting discreetly? 
Down there among the Hay
But as they watched 
A wizard picked it up
And held it in his hand
He however noticed 
The narrowing eyes of the flim flam
Looking directly at his Face
I suggest you give that back to its owner
As not too would be a positive Disgrace 
But the wizard laughed and said  . . . .  Or what
As wizards tend to Do
But the flim flam ate him
And on the wizard the flim flam, it did Chew
Until there was nothing left but a very red Ruby
Which it happily returned to the falafel

Because that’s what Flim Flams Do

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Hello I am almost back but not quite

 O Yes it is true I am almost back but not quite, you see I along with a friend who is a trusted builder have destroyed the bathroom in my house. I have to say it was planned we did not just say. . . . Hey lets trash the bathroom. . . . And then remove an entire wall, all the tiles off two other walls, the floor and part of the ceiling, leaving an empty shell.  It is the final-ish part of what has been a long term master plan to update the house and after the bathroom has been done there will be no major work left to do just decor to make everything look interesting. My wife and I do not believe in the white wall and minimal content we like colour and I like stuff and lots of it. Although having said that I like nice stuff, you know Indian gods made of ceramics, mummified  ancient chinese fabled flying dragons. and little things that no is quite sure what they do.

This work has meant  Shed of the Year 2099, my own little personal project has come to a halt again for a few days. It has been inspected by my friend and building advisor who has said it is looking good but making twiddly bits can be a bit of a pain. . . I entirely agree and I have to admit he did say not to do it, but it is in my DNA I just have to add towers and little stained glass windows and curves and other architectural texture so that the shed is not just a shed. 

A bit of detail from Shed of the year 2099

Here in Britain we have a TV show called Shed of the Year and the plan is to enter the finished shed, but I have well and truly missed this year's final entry date. The good point about that is by next year this shed will look awesome, although I will admit that may be a biased opinion.

Well thats it I will go now but you now know what I am up too and I will be back soon to blog on a more regular basis . . . But not quite yet.