Saturday, 4 June 2011

Sun; churches, drums and a bite to eat

A beautiful sunny day in the borders of Mid-Wales with a slight cool breeze and everything is very chilled so far. I say so far because I am off out at somebody’s birthday party in an Evangelical church to do African Drumming. I have never drummed in a church before so it will be interesting. As it happens I am not even sure if I will get to drum but I am there just in case I am needed.

 The dog and the robot dog are lying in the grass with their legs in the air snoring and have been doing that all day. Someone had a bonfire somewhere in town which dad said smelt just like the old days, dad thinks it must be a bonfire or the biggest joint in the world by the amount of smoke.  I asked dad about the joint and he said it’s what carpenters make to fix two bits of wood together, but I then asked him why someone would then set it on fire but he said DON’T ASK.  Anyway because I am off out to another place I do not have time for a long diary entry tonight. Pirate Pete said he would come with me to the church, he said he once had a barbeque with a tribe in the forests of Papua New Guinea who said they really liked the missionaries from the church. And Pirate Pete said they tasted delicious but both mum and dad did point out this is Mid-Wales and a couple of hundred years later and some of the old barbeque rituals have died out or have even become illegal so telling someone that great great  uncle Morris tasted delicious with a nice chilli sauce would be seen as rather bad etiquette and might spoil the party. So he is staying at home………..

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