Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Monty the Lynx

I heard on the wireless that the use of facebook is rapidly falling in the counties where it is well established and that the general public loose interest after a relatively short time. GOSH I am shocked loose interest when so much happens on my wall. And I thought I was doing such a good job, just goes to show the public are very fickle and my life is not very exciting. What will Steven Spielberg and the corporate sponsor’s think of this devastating news about facebook will the people of the blog come to my rescue bearing in mind tonight you are gaining the added bonus comments that will not appear on facebook in its entirety because if I did  all my friends on facebook  would shout at me and say things like ROBBIE stop it we cant stand all the words they are hurting our ears and eyes and other bits although not our noses.

By the way I have included a picture of the Lynx my friend Miss Fiona used to look after at home from time to time for a friend, a long time ago. The first Lynx (called Monty) I have heard of in Mid-Wales and the first one I have heard of living in a nice little house near the sea. I only found out as a result of telling her about Miss Vicky and her Buzzard encounter on the road.

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