Thursday, 9 June 2011

Jupiter, Io and the shift in time as explained in Enid Blyton's Famous Five

At school in physics we looked at Geo-thermal dynamics in the moons of Jupiter and their effect on the position of the absolute centre of the solar system and whether there was a significant pattern to indicate any regular fluctuations in the time space relationship within its graviton. Bearing in mind that the impact of one relationship on the other is inversely proportional to that which one might expect
 Dad and the dog say we should have finished all that stuff last year in school and that the physics teacher is a bit slow. I did tell dad that most of the pupils didn’t understand a word of what the teacher was talking about but the dog thinks that just can not be true as everyone has done Geo-thermal dynamics in the moons of Jupiter. Even Enid Blyton covers something similar in the Famous Five books. I don’t remember that I thought they were about that Michael Jackson singer bloke, but apparently that only happens if you start reading the books from the back to the front and then I got told off for reading my books the wrong way round. But I did point out that it makes War and Peace a bit happier well sort of anyway; and that mum reads things backwards sometimes, but she said they were ancient Chinese manuscripts she is translating for a friend and are written backwards.

 I am a bit late again with the diary but according to the dog it is due to two effects the first is the solar flare activity on the sun which has been rather high in recent days and the second is the activity on Io one of the moons orbiting Jupiter. The resulting apposing magnetic fields and the gravitational flux caused by the present position on the planets mean time has shifted slightly, the result of which is my diary is late. The ghost write is on the street shouting its all the fault of the aliens again but mum said he’s an IDIOT. I hope not he has to turn my diary into a book so that’s a bit of a worry.

 Sooty is better the vet looked at his stitches today YUK and he will go back a week tomorrow to get then removed but he has taken to sleeping on my head which is very awkward still it could be worse if the dog did that I would fall over.

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