Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A Postcard from the legendary Captain Nessman of the high seas

I was doing some stuff and for reasons I dont understand this is now back at the top of the pile again. I dont mind but I dont know why maybe there is some sort of time warp thing going on; anyway I am very sorry about this if you read the original posting

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You will notice the picture post card received from the  legendary Captain Nessman of the high seas buccaneer and adventurer. He has sent a message to say how he is getting on while sailing the seven seas on his quest for treasure and the fabled book of all enlightenment. It is meant to be a big book with lettering in gold leaf and a big chunky lock and can only be opened by those who hold the key of truth.

Anyway Captain Nessman’s post card reads as follows:-

Hello Robbie

HAR HAR HAR my old sea dog, hows the dog HAR HAR HAR I be heading for shelter for a few days as storms are brewin and the crew don’t trust me out at sea in them anymore after my night in the tavern when me and Captain Gore had a fight after he said I was a hot head HAR HAR HAR.  Anyway we set sail and became becalmed in the tropical sun with nay water for two weeks so I made ye crew walk the plank HAR HAR. They say we’re all cursed by Captain Gore now HAR HAR; anyway enough of this. I am lookin for that book you kindly mentioned above HAR HAR and one day I’ll find it HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR. Be good remember to do your homework and I’ll see thee in the Block buster movie.

Ps Remember to give Captain Flint the Parrot a Brazil Nut from me HAR HAR

Captain Nessman

I took my postcard to school to show the geography teacher to see if he knew where it was taken. At first he thought it was the island in the lake in the park taken from the other side but then he had a change of thought and said it is the old pirate island of Antikythira. When I got home and told the dog he said well its all Greek to me and fell about laughing again. Mum and dad have said that it is important to add some nice locations into the story so when they do make the block buster movie we can all go globe trotting, I am not sure I like the trotting maybe we could just walk. I asked mum but she said …………………… guess what


  1. Yo ho ho and a bottle of Robitussin! AAAHRG, how are the mighty seas blowin' these days Robby? I be ramshackled to 4 jobs and tryin' to learn a new language...Chinese they call blastin' hard to learn as, well, Chinese!

  2. The photo was taken on Big Bear Lake, California, USA. It is located in South eastern California and how the pirates ended up there is anyone's guess!