Thursday, 16 June 2011

The missing item found and other news of no importance

The ghost writer is quite pleased because today he found his missing items. He had put them safe in a small zip up pocket inside another pocket in a bag that he keeps safe in a locked box in a draw of a desk which is also locked in a room where he keeps things that need to be kept safe so he locks the room. The room is full of stuff because he says you never know when you might need things.
Anyway it is all very well keeping everything safe but as he has found out it can sometimes be very difficult to find one particular item especially when it appears he has two or three safe places and is not sure what is in what place. He is a bit like a squirrel that puts his winter food in several safe places only to forget where half of them are. 

Last nights drumming was good and it was nice and noisy, always a good sign that all is well with the group., and I did get to have a little blast on the guitar. The rest of the group say it would be really good if I could actually play something but I quite like all the noise and feedback, Dad taught me to do that on the his white Fender Strat with the burnt top which he has had for a very long time. He said his mate Jimmy torched it but he was allowed too because he was quite good at playing it. Luckily it is left hand strung because I’m left handed like dad and dads mate Jimmy.

Mum was having car problems today too, the Lamborghini wouldn’t start so I hot wired it, I haven’t done that for ages. On the wireless this morning a man said it was now impossible to hot wire a modern car, I didn’t know that which is probably why I can still do it. Although now I know maybe I will not be able to any more NOT FAIR sometimes you hear things on the wireless and it can play tricks with the mind.

Sooty the Cat is still rather noisy and will be going to the vets first thing in the morning to have stitches out and Jabs and sadly the headmaster found 7G’s tunnel today and it has now been filled with fifty eight tons of reinforced concrete. The leaders of the tunnel committee were told off but they say no one has seen Sammy since it was filled in so the headmaster says it is best not to mention the tunnel ever again and gave them all fish and chips.

And finally Ian the Musical Hat Maker is recovering extremely well from his new knee operation and no longer runs round in circles, mum says this may be a disadvantage as we all run round in circles in life, it is what we do.

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