Friday, 3 June 2011

Afternoon tea with a Rock Star and mad cats and dogs in the garden

Sorry I am late tonight have been to see Auntie Karen, Ian the Musical Hat Maker, rock star and all round nice but grumpy bloke, Heidi, Toby and Florence who is very very very tiny but likes food. Anyway due to a poorly person on the road who had to be saved by air ambulance we had to take a long route home and I needed to eat loads before my diary.

It was good to see them and we got to eat cake and gingerbread biscuits and drink tea and coffee.  Dad and Ian the Musical hat Maker grumbled about stuff, loads of stuff as they like to do that. Florence is very tiny but it is very complicated sorting food out for her the dog says we should just stick a bowl of milk on the floor like we do for the cats but mum said IDIOT. I think she might be right it will be a while before she will be able compete with the cats I think.

 Mr Ian is getting better but his knee is not like Pirate Pete’s so he is much slower moving about but he got a gold star from his physiotherapist who said one day he will be able to climb Snowdon (the mountain not the Lord) but he is a bit worried because he hates mountains. Well climbing them anyway.

 Pirate Pete stayed at the house and listened to the cats sing Tiptoe through the Tulips while tap dancing but he said it just sounded like cats wailing to him and thinks they made a mistake yesterday when they ate the pigeon because he recons they needed the four part harmony if they were ever going to make it work.

It was another very nice sunny day which was really good, even the corporate sponsors seem happier today as we have anchored the pirate ships and returned to land. So no one has gone HAR HAR HAR HARDY HAR. Shiver me timbers make ye landlubbers walk the plank and hoist the main brace. Ah I don’t think they liked that sorry. According to the dog and Rusty the Robot Dog Steven Spielberg likes dog’s loads and we need lots of dogs and no cats especially tap dancing singing cats. The dog thinks if he and Rusty go off to the woods and phone home a lot it might help. They are now in the garden with their phones the dog is riding my bike and Rusty is sitting on the handle bars with the bicycle lamp strapped to his paw. Sometimes I think the dog is mad. What with them and cats tap dancing up and down the patio while  dad and the crew of the pirate ships carry sea chests into his workshop that are full of guitar amps life at home has quickly returned to normal.

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