Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Captain Nessman and the restless spirit

Well even while writing my diary little anomalies occur and fate takes a hand. I was trying to make my blog look posh last night and sort out one or two things anyway it crashed and the result was my postcard from Captain Nessman of the high seas ended up as the latest post out of sequence. Then today it appears my friend Captain Nessman has suddenly set sail again.
He does this from time to time; he has a restless spirit and will head off into the night from time to time without warning.  He is a very clever man now (officially) and was given a letter from his university to say he was the best Captain of a sea fairing vessel they had ever taught. So now he is off at sea with his trusty crew and cats on adventures new. We can only hope he will return soon to tell us tales of sea serpents and treasure. Pirate Pete and Captain Flint are a bit upset as they said they would have gone too but mum said Captain Flint the Parrot is far to old now (at least 500 years and Pirate Pete’s legs go rusty if he spends to much time at sea, and he no longer floats so it would not be safe.  Pirate Pete says he laughs in the face of safety and only last week he was standing on an electricity substation with a placard saying HELLO MUM as part of the electricity protest laughing in the face of the health and safety man.

 Pirate Pete is under the impression the local protesters are against electricity and want to bring back steam power, dad said he will join that movement too they both rather like steam, but its not good for my diary, a steam computer is huge. Dad built one once that could count to twenty two but it fell through the floor into the cellar when it got as far as fifteen.

 Sooty the cat is almost normal now and has stopped making so much noise, Heavy Harry the Cat has started to catch baby rabbits and eat them YUK, he does this at this time of year and gets told off but he sneaks round the back of the house and hides from us. The dog is contemplating writing his life story on the grounds that my diary is rubbish and a dog could do better. And Rusty the Robot Dog is pretending to be Fred Astaire and has dressed Fluffy the Cat (Mr Jenkins cat) as Ginger Rogers. Not sure Mr Jenkins will appreciate the fact his white cat has been dyed ginger.

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