Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Ghost of Steven Spielberg and Edward TwiggyHands

Me and the dogs went to the woods today. It is getting increasingly rare to see anyone there; mum and dad say it’s to do with the Screeching Banshees, the low Growl of the Dark Creature of the Undergrowth and the ghost of Steven Spielberg. Who is trying to make a little alien robot out of twigs and stuff?

Not easy when you’re a ghost as he can’t pick anything up. The banshee’s are trying to help but they are not very practically minded, as they say themselves they are banshee’s and are meant to be demented souls so carving small mechanical bits from twigs is not really their cup of tea. Even a cup of tea is not their cup of tea, so I don’t think I’ll be a banshee when I get older as I like tea (with loads of milk and sugar YUM).  The dog made the mistake of asking the Ghost of Steven Spielberg what he was planning to call his little alien robot to which he replied Edward Twiggyhands or ET for short. Well that was the dog and Rusty the Robot Dog both in hysterics rolling about on their backs, so I had to apologise and take them home (The dogs not the twigs). 

At home I thought I would use our weed killing spray machine to spray some of the weeds to death (I know it’s not nice but it has to be done), but the spray was dead. Dad thinks some of the weeds have sneaked in and sabotaged it a bit like Triffids. Mum said IDIOT but I said to mum that she was wrong because it would be a really clever weed to be able to sabotage a weed killing machine but she said IDIOT again. It appears I got the wrong end of the stick yet again or as the dog put it before he spent the next half an hour on his back laughing the wrong end of the Edward Twiggyhands.

I am planning to go and watch Top Gear next door with Mr Jenkins tonight as it is a new series and I like Top Gear.

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