Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Proof Reader and the Buzzard

Miss Fiona came to see us today, we often see Miss Fiona on Tuesdays, me and dad think it must be one of mum’s shy operations where they do spy things although they say to us IDIOTS but we think that’s a cunning plan to fool us. I tried to show Sooty the Cat to Miss Fiona but he can get spooked a bit by people so he ran up my neck and over my head…. OOOOuuuuWWWWW.

Then on my way to school I bumped into my professional Proof reader who has to sort out all the mistakes in the paper manuscript that the ghost writer makes (he’s rubbish). I showed her my decimated, well badly scratched neck. The proof reader has had a couple of interesting weeks with animals also, firstly she found a poorly Badger in her garden shed a few weeks ago which the RSPCA saved and returned to her to let go once it was well, about a week or so ago. Then apparently yesterday she had to stop her car because a Buzzard was sat in the middle of the road with what appeared to be a damaged wing. So she scooped it up in her coat and put it in the car to take to the vets, only it tried to escape out of the coat. So although Miss Vicky is a very good proof reader she finds it very difficult to drive with a Buzzard flapping about loose in the car. So she stopped the car scooped the Buzzard up in her coat again a put it a grassy field where it promptly sat up hopped about a bit then flew off.

I did say these things come in three’s because I am told they do although I don’t know why so after what started with a Badger then a Buzzard needed a third B animal to prove this, and when Miss Vicky got home she said she had to save a Bumble Bee from the window so it is true about things in three’s then. Maybe that saying all started when shops started the buy two get the third free; and free and three got confused and as is the way when these old sayings get started and are then handed down through generations, in the end they make no sense at all.

At school class 7G were celebrating the success of “Harry Richards Tomb” their tunnel and the delivery of Battered Cod, Double Chips and Mushy Peas to the Geography teacher which will ensure they all get distinctions in the practical exam projects. It was very nice to have fish and chips for lunch at school although the headmaster was extremely confused as to where all the fish and chips were coming from. At first he blamed Mr Oliver the new school cook who has fallen on hard times from making the public eat too many healthy foods, but he is still making healthy food so YUK. Anyway he knows something’s going on (the headmaster not Mr Oliver) so he has bugged the school. So now the whole school is full of bugs. I told mum the school was full of bugs when I got home and she said o no not again but I think she might be thinking of the wrong kind of bug.

I have got an itchy head now NOT FAIR.

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