Thursday, 2 June 2011

A six foot Marlin and bad jokes

Back last night in the harbour so to celebrate I got to do some African drumming with some of the crew it was not always very African however because dad played along with his 1962 Gibson Flying V and so it was more a sort of African Roxy Music night but rather fun and noisy (very noisy as it happens)  

Today we have all been very chilled on the island in the middle of the lake in the park in the middle of our little town because it has been rather nice and sunny. I did have to save a baby Jackdaw from a hollow that was too steep for him (her) to get out of, I think it will be OK because its parents were both making lots of noise in a tree quite close by. Pirate Pete decided he was going to go and fish for Marlin in the rock pools but even I know that’s not right, but surprisingly he did catch one. Well he said he caught one but he threw it back because that it is what you do. He did say it was a bit odd because it was the first Marlin he had caught that was wearing long robes and a pointy hat like a witch and carrying a magic sword. And it had a long white beard, but the dog said that it wasn’t a Marlin it was a Merlin. Pirate Pete said that might explain why it shouted at him and tried to chop his legs off with the sword but when he leapt twenty foot in the air (one advantage of steam powered bionic legs) the Merlin was put off guard and Pirate Pete was able to throw him back in the rock pool. The Merlin’s arm holding the sword above his head as it slowly sank below the surface.  
The sun is really nice but on the wireless they keep telling us that we have had the lowest rainfall for one hundred and one years and that all the cereal crops and vegetables are going to fail and we are all going to die and anyway everyone is getting sick from the vegetables so we are all going to die anyway. Someone said today it is Global Gloom something I feel might have a few more pages of life in it unless I forget and it dies.

We are back at our house tomorrow and off to see Auntie Karen too apparently Mr Jenkins has sent us a message to say Fluffy his Cat Heavy Harry the Cat and Sooty the Cat formed a barbershop quartet with a Wood Pigeon but due to a difference in musical taste the cats ate the Wood Pigeon.  

The corporate sponsors have reprimanded us for this COKE sorry joke….

The cats say they don’t need a Wood Winged section so its OK…. The sponsors have just complained about another Bad COKE sorry Joke ……. a Jolly good thirst quenching Joke sorry COKE. Mum has just said IDIOT

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