Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sunday and everything appears to be stopped

It is Sunday and everything appears to be stopped today the weather has stopped so no sun, no rain, no mist, no clouds, no wind, and no loads of other stuff that weather does. There is not really much news either although Miss Issy appears to have had a huge plastic bird turn up in her garden. There is no noise; well not much noise, because Sooty the cat still goes MEOOOOOWW a lot.

Last night was quite interesting at the church as a man tried to convert me to his religion although I am not absolutely sure what that was although I know he was a Christian and had worked in the evangelical church in the past. Anyway I told him about my friend Napoleon Beelzebub and him who must be obeyed and what they tell me when I am at Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop on multiculturalism and that huge effigies are OK as long as they have smiley faces and are friendly.  So he said he was going to go and have cake and tea and I never saw him again?

The band that were playing were fun because my friend was the drummer so they played a long set of songs which sadly meant that we only got to African drum right at the end when almost everyone had gone home and a nice lady with a vacuum cleaner joined in with us weaving in and out of our legs. I am not sure they do that in Africa, anyway it was fun but the lights went out and someone shouted they needed to lock the doors so we were sort of thrown out a bit, but we got warm sausage rolls so that was really good. YUM

School starts again tomorrow so I must try and remember where it is, one of the problems with holidays is always remembering where the school is after the holiday. Luckily the school bus driver has satellite navigation (not attached to him but in the bus) so we find our way there after each holiday. Well most of us do Charles from Class 8Z did spend a whole year in the wrong school once but no one noticed and he thought all his friends were hiding. One of Class 7G say they plan to finally finish the tunnel this week and present the Geography teacher with his Fish and Chips. But the council have been digging the road up outside the school so we will see.

I only mention the blog as a sort of advert to promote the blog as we do?? (As read by a man in Brazil who said in a leading newspaper WHAT ITS RUBBISH)

Ah yes well this is the blog and an advert is rather silly but my friends on FB dont all read the blog although it is the same as here so we cant blame them really but Cyberspace is full of adverts so I must do my bit. and many thanks man in Brazil (or Woman) for your help in the advert, as the
Corporate sponsor might say "Have an iced Coca Cola".

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