Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sooty the Cats big operation

Sooty the Cat went off to the vet first thing to be checked out and have his op. As is the way with things it turned out his operation was much more complex that expected due to complications and they thought he might have cat AIDS but as it happened he didn’t so he is now in a box in a room so he can’t get out. So mum and dad now say he is worth more than a pedigree Persian Blue.

At least Sooty the Cat is out of things now due to anaesthetic so he will be quiet tonight hopefully. We had sun and hailstones today which was fun, fairly classic Welsh weather where we all say oooo look its sunny go outside only to be pummelled to death by large hail stone.

And I appear to have lost something that I put away safe the other week and can no longer find, and I know I only have the one of them which is a bit of a worry. What makes it even more worrying is I cant remember what it is either but I know it is very important and I need to find it.  The ghost writer has done the same thing and has put a whole lot of work on CD’s in a safe place and it is so safe he no longer knows where it is either, luckily for me it is not my manuscript but he is not happy and says he will find it when he least needs it because that’s what happens.

 Nelson Beelzebub says possessions are a distraction to corrupt the human mind and that we all need more and more of them and in the end it can drive some people mad and make them evil and selfish. Its why he has loads of stuff in his shop so everyone can buy it and  get lots of loyalty points and get to go down to the bottom of his cellar. I asked him if it still counted if you have lots of things but can’t find them but he said he didn’t know and it is not so much the things as the state of mind the things create. The ghost writer says his things certainly drive him mad and they are getting a good telling off once he finds them. Sooty the cat now has bits he will never find again although mum said she would have preferred it if the vet had not said look we have removed these and waved a clear plastic tube with bits in at her. YUK.

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