Saturday, 18 June 2011

A tale of cats and dogs but no rain

Saturday and all is well, the sun shines the birds sing in the big tree Sooty the Cat is learning how to play as it has now been warned that due to two rather large vets bills it is now expected to be a cute playful kitten. Heavy Harry still hates Sooty the Cat, he was more than happy being the only cat in the house and now he has to share food and cosy places to sleep with a small bouncy cat.
 Heavy Harry is at least four time bigger and will beat up Sooty the Cat in passing just to show it who is boss, Sooty is stupid however and will run up to Heavy Harry to be friends but gets hissed at and then thumped.

The dog says this is classic cat and dogs don’t act like that as him and Rusty the Robot Dog are great friends, but I did point out Rusty is a robot and the dog helped to make him so it was not entirely the same thing. The dog thinks these are minor points and pointed out that Fluffy Mr Jenkins cat has been on the roof again singing that song again (Tiptoe through the Tulips) and tap dancing, and dogs don’t do that. That is true but the dog and Rusty the Robot dog spent the morning head-banging and playing air guitar to AC\DC in the garden, and were told off for having their ghetto-blaster on too loud.

Captain Flint the Parrot is a bit unhappy at present and says due to the corporate sponsors he is very inactive and getting covered in spiders webs and according to his mate in the pet shop a parakeet called Hannibal (so called due to his habit of eating certain bits of the hamsters) it is not pirates that Steven Spielberg does not like it’s Poirot’s as in Hercule Poirot, there do seem to be a lot of them about. He says it’s a typographical error and we have loads of them here that’s for sure.

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