Monday, 27 June 2011

Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Wimbledon Sacrifice

Well after no sighting of the CIA MI6 or the FBI for a few days either dressed as pirates or well known detectives fifteen Sherlock Holmes and eight Dr Watsons turned up at our house while I was at school today. They were wearing false wooden legs dark designer sun glasses and were saying things like the eagle follows the trawler when it is hot in Moscow, HAR HAR HAR HARDY HAR

I was at school but mum said they were all idiots and the dog fell about laughing for a while and gnawed the false leg of one of the spies. When I say false leg it was false in as much as the spies had two legs not one so didn’t need a wooden leg, not like Pirate Pete with his two steam powered bionic false legs. They wanted to look in my bedroom and my posh cylindrical copper office den in the garden saying they were on an important case chasing the mad Professor Moriarty who was dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean films and he was planning to steal many things of national importance to the countries security. Mum did ask what they were but apparently because of national security they couldn’t tell her. For some reason best know to himself though Rusty the Robot Dog thought they were postmen and as I have pointed out before he attacks postmen, so he did.

Then the dog joined in too and Captain Flint the Parrot, he has history with Sherlock Holmes so that was not really a surprise. Mum left them to it on the grounds that the Spies (Sherlock Holmes and Watson, all of them) were up to no good. After quite a lot of screaming however it all went quiet and they all vanished, except the dogs who were well worn out so it saved her taking them for an afternoon walk.  

It was well hot at school today a bit like a sauna really but I think that might have happened when I accidently cut a steam pipe in half.  What was annoying was it was hot right up to the point I got off the school bus in the main square to walk home them it pored with rain, It is all to do with the tennis at Wimbledon as it rains every year when that’s on. Rain is an old British tradition and requires a sacrifice each year in the form a British hopes of winning anything. It seems to work we never win and it always rains. A few years ago they had to arrest someone for singing in the rain and scaring all the tennis players so they have banned singing now.

Dam it things never go as planned this internet thing is a right game and typing with a cat sat on the keyboard is nor easy

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