Saturday, 25 June 2011

Rain and the three hundred foot long worms and stuff

What a wet start to the day. It was wet very wet, but we live on a hill in our little town (village) on the borders of Mid-Wales so all is OK; tonight is yet another preview for another exhibition at Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop, the weather is due to be nice and sunny??? But we will see.
 All my hard work to make the blog look nice has ended in the blog having no visitors so I think this just goes to show my skill at such things is rubbish. Mum has said IDIOT. I will have to keep my efforts to defeating wild mutant monsters, mad ghosts, three hundred foot long electric worms that have started to eat elderly allotment holders (rumour has it that it is a cunning plan by the government to reduce the pension’s bill). And Nano-Penguins.

 I noticed on the wireless, the man from the news said that vegetable seeds are responsible for more sick people in France now. No doubt the Group of Doom will make comments about such things but I think I might just stick to eating Bacon Butties and chips, best to remain safe and avoid all these unhealthy foods like vegetables

I appear to have three frogs watching me through the window as I write my diary.
there are only two here but the third leap off the ladder.
Please click on the picture for more information on Frogs ...... and stuff 

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