Friday, 10 June 2011

Just another day at school sort of

At school today it was philosophy, Rock climbing, Religious Education, and micro-biology. We do lots of different subjects at our school that other schools don’t do and then we do the subjects that other schools do differently to other schools anyway. The headmaster is convinced it is good for everyone to stretch the mind, to think outside the box. Not like cats that always think they should be in the box.

So I think the headmaster is implying that all the pupils in other schools all end up thinking like cats and end up living and working in boxes. He says none of us will end up in boxes, which upsets Boris who wants to become an escapologist, specializing in escaping from steel boxes chained up and locked and bolted then thrown in the river. He is getting quite good at it but his dad makes him practice every night adding more chains and bolts as time passes. It might also explain why ours is the only school with rats running about in the corridors. (Have I told you this before in the past) if I have told you this before then I am most sorry, but this happens in life it repeats itself we go round in circles. It happens to all; the human is a creature of routine and structure.

Anyway I’m distracted once again. In Philosophy we discussed the reality of being real and what that represents to all of us in cyberspace and our relationship within the subconscious of the ghost writer and that of the minds of the readers of my diary who are all members of the physically tangible world. Like the link between hardware and software or body and thought.  Sadly the lesson ended before any rational conclusion was reached, but the teacher said this is normal in philosophy otherwise it would be no fun.

Not like rock climbing where reaching a point is extremely important and today it was the point of the church tower I got to be lead climber as my previous experience (sorry blog readers it is before your time) I was able to take a four man team to the top and plant a flag in the school colours. On our return to the ground we found the rest of the class including the teacher had been taken into church and so we ended up with an RE class that over ran by at least fifteen minutes which made the teacher Cross (HAR HAR).  We ended the day doing Micro Biology to try and see why cats like boxes Arthur said he could stretch the mind of a cat YUK the teacher told him off and said IDIOT.

Our cats are fine by the way the stretched ones are in cyberspace and they will return to their normal shape eventually, honest…….. Well maybe?

 Before I forget the man on the news on the wireless said it is now official we are having a drought only it was poring with rain at the time so that was a bit odd and then later in the day Derrick the Weatherman was in Montgomery with a film crew filming for his TV walkabout series but it was sunny then. But he is a weatherman so I suspect he was able to organize that with the powers that be.

121,000 words now and 202 pages of A4 paper…… that’s quite a lot really considering it all started by accident.

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