Friday, 9 December 2011

Writing of many things including nothing and the rich and famous celebrities of the mundane

Being just an ordinary everyday eccentric child of cyberspace life ticks along in a slow and often repetitive cycle, and things sort of happen. I am not complaining about that, because life for me is fairly chilled compared to many, I am merely observing. And as I think I have said in the past often the lives of the so called rich and famous celebrities of society are a lot more mundane, and often sadder that they would wish you to know.

Anyway the point I am slowly getting to is I had to do all sorts of things today that I had to do, and the things that I would have liked to do; I was not able to do because of the things that needed doing. Not only that but we were all planning to go and see a film in Montgomery tonight, that was made in Montgomery, but to put in the technical phraseology that dad used to describe the reason we are unable to go we are all totally  ******* knackered.  And although mum told him off for saying he was totally  ******* knackered there is no denying that it is true, we all are.

Now the one thing I remember about that film is that they run past the church and then arrive at the sea. Now I know that is not right and the only way to the sea is via the Island in the lake in the park with a pirate ship, you can’t run up church bank and over the hill to the beach. However this is a distraction from the discussion of things which we have also had in the past and are having again now because as I said right at the very start of tonights diary entry it is what us ordinary folk do. Well that and my rather cunning ability to write loads about nothing, although tonight I am writing about things. Well I was till I mentioned nothing and now I am writing about nothing and not things …………

I better go now because both mum and the dog have said IDIOT and both Heavy Harry the Cat and Sooty the Cat are staring at nothing? in the room next door like its something very scary, although it really is nothing …… I hope ………YICKS

..............I like this I'm sure you can tell ............ .

something as a bit of a change

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