Thursday, 29 December 2011

We had a cunning plan but?

Mum and dad had this cunning plan; well they thought it was a cunning plan. We had to go out to get things for the office, but on the way home we stopped off at the garden centre just outside Shrewsbury. I think it’s called Doomsdays or something like that, OK a bit like that, (well OK nothing like that, but it sounds better).  The cunning plan was to buy a Christmas tree?

Now you might be wondering why they planned to buy a Christmas tree just a few days after Christmas but it appears that dad thinks it is time to go fake. Over the years we have had several Christmas trees with roots which have been planted outside but only one has ever survived which is in a pot and has come with us to the new house. The real problem with a Christmas tree that is in a pot is once they have been in a house for Christmas you can not take then back the following year, in fact it may be at least 10 years before they are happy to return indoors. So all in all rooted Christmas trees have proved to be a bit of a failure.

It your tree is a typical everyday sawn off at the base tree OK; but really it is well on the road to death (NOT NICE) and its final revenge is to leave your house full of hard sharp little needles for several months that will every now and again stab you. I have been stabbed by this year’s tree already.

What we did notice this year is that you could get a cheap Christmas tree imported from Korea for £5:00. I think that was it with, dad he says if a tree travelling half way round the world is cheaper than one from up the hill then that’s it, I’ll get a fake one

So we looked at fake trees and thought mmmmmmm and stuff like that but in the end there was not enough of a bargain to be had so we never got one, well not yet. But we did buy more peanuts for the birds ……. not Squirrels, even cute Squirrels. The Squirrels are trying to attack the bird feeders but we have now covered then in razor wire and connected the feeders to 10, 000 volts, so that should stop the squirrels for a bit. I say a bit because the dog is trying to sell the Squirrels bolt cutters and rubber gloves although he says I must not tell you or mum will read it in my diary and the dog will chew my arm for a while ………AH I better go and hide. Mum has just shouted IDIOT but I am not sure who at?

Heavy Harry the Cat is rubbish on a computer but loves to help 


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