Thursday, 8 December 2011

When Eminent Entomologists or South American Butterflies DON’T THROW STONES IN GLASS CAGES

It was windy and wet today here, I have not heard a news today so not sure how the rest of the UK got on, as it was due to be very windy in the north.  As we have discussed before in the past, it is all the fault of those butterflies, flapping their wings in South America that causes it. And they know too, the cunning little beasts.

It is revenge for all those years when eminent Entomologists or something like that would stick pins in them and put them all in glass cages. There is some old saying that goes don’t throw stones in Glass cages ……… I think? Which goes back to the days when some of the more hardy species of South American butterfly would make attempts at escaping, but it was always futile as they would freeze to death on the moors during the night as they scurried through the undergrowth to avoid the spot lamps, dogs and butterfly nets.  Still the activities of those Entomologists now have the repercussion that the butterflies family generations later randomly cause storms and rain by flapping their wings.

It was late night shopping in Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop tonight as it is Thursday and although very quiet we did get a decent chip butty, so all was not lost (nothing was lost as it happens …..What’s that saying all about?)

Right then that is it for tonight a rather short diary entry I’m afraid as I am planning to go and chill (as in relax by the fire not leap about out in the cold wind)

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