Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmas delights and the domino effect of stuff

Yes it has happened, it was only a matter of time and the fact that things can go faster than light has made not a jot of difference to it, because it happened, well started in the way it usually starts anyway. There have been lights hinting at the moment and even the odd half hearted effort here and there but nothing serious. So we have been able to maintain control and pretend it was not happening, until today.

Today we were confronted with the full force of the true professionally organized and constructed construction and there is was tonight in the dark staring at us in all its glory. And although I thought I might stop and take a picture to show you all, dad and the dog said no keep your head down and dad hit the accelerator, so that we were able to escape almost entirely unharmed.

But we know that tomorrow we may well end up passing it again so in order to avoid injury dad is insisting we wear protection and has issued us all with CIA regulation sun glasses left over from the spies in book one. Now if any one is saying book one what book one, yes I know the publishers have not published it on the grounds that it is rubbish. Really that’s a dam feeble excuse if you ask me, although they didn’t. But despite that you have no excuse for not reading Facebook or the Blog or watching the blockbuster movie (yes OK that Steven Spielberg bloke may have said rubbish as well). OK then in order not to get into a long unnecessary paragraphs worth of text I don’t need I will concede that you may not know about the CIA or the FBI or MI6 and designer glasses ….. PHEW now look I am loosing the plot again.

Just in case any of you are wondering exactly what is happening and some might be despite the global domino effect of the event we are talking of the lighting up of the household Christmas lights by those who mean business and in particular the Churchstoke home of Christmas de-lights, which will lead to the battle of the night with every possible lit up Christmas object being lit up on the front of someone’s home.

Now you want to know exactly what I think of this don’t you so I will be straight and say ……… ITS WELL COOL …….. OK mum the dog and dad have now said IDIOT, I thought they might. Captain Flint the Parrot says that the lights on the house in Churchstoke is a secret treasure map; and why are there never Brazil nuts included in any of the designs, its discrimination against nuts.    

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