Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A nice meal without Steven Spielberg and Alfred Hitchcock

Sorry it’s late we have just returned from a great meal at The Sun Inn at Marton, it appears that Steven Spielberg was not going to meet us for a meal to discuss the film script for the block buster movie after all. I knew that dog was not telling the truth. Still we had a great meal and are now well stuffed,  So I am back home to tell of the days events, only I have forgotten them now.

OK we went off to see Miss Fionaski this morning and exchange Christmas presents and secret microfilm about secret stuff that is secret, well it is from me as mum recons I will stick it in my diary. I did say no one actually reads my diary and that I am starting to loss faith in that Steven Spielberg bloke and we might be better to contact Alfred  Hitchcock  after all he made that very cool film all about birds attacking people. Well  mainly Crows and Seagulls, although I would have thought it would be the Chickens and Turkeys that would be most upset a bit like the Turkey next door who has not said a word now for a couple of days.

The dog thinks contacting Alfred Hitchcock is a great idea and has suggested that we all hold hands (and paws) round the dinning room table and hum. I really can not see now that is going to help, and I don’t think cats or parrots can Hum. I think the dog is keen to get him involved after the incident with the knife, the shower, and the Mummified Poet during one of our less successful film re-enactments way back in book one. It was very messy and so we left it out of the story because we are still hoping to appeal to a family audience.  

We also moved a battered scrapped  wooden chest that was abandoned in the garage into the dinning room today and covered it in twigs and fairy lights for visual effect on Christmas day, so that people can come and say WHATS THAT???? And we can say its an old battered chest covered in twigs and fairy lights and they can say that’s very unusual and we can say that’s very kind of you to say so it is good to be unusual.

Anyway it is late and almost tomorrow so I will go as I think I have that head cold now.


  1. OOh, what was in the old battered chest that was covered with twigs and fairy lights, I wonder?

    If the answer is nothing, then ignore my futile wonderings.

  2. I bet its Hitchcock and/or Spielberg in the box...

  3. It might have been once Mr H but it smells of Jeyes Fluid now which is getting stronger by the day as it warms up. I tried a trick with a hair dryer thinking if I got it really hot inside, it would dry the Jeyes Fluid out and kill the smell, only it got worse and the hair dryer packed in because it overheated. Mum as you might guess said IDIOT, she said it twice in fact when she saw her hair dryer was a molten mass stuck to the carpet. No one likes that carper so PHEW.

    You are right to enquire Miss LIly, after all look at cats they leap into boxes without asking and look what happens to them.

  4. Carpar ??????? carpet..... silly keyboard