Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Missing Designer Jumpers and the archaeologists

I discovered today that several of my favourite jumpers may have taken an alternative route when we moved house, and might just be in land fill. This is not good news for me but it may be that in hundreds of year’s time when the archaeologists open the black bin bag that they were put in they will find some real cool jumpers.

One or two were one offs made for me but these things happen, so I will just have to stick with the old battered jumpers for now. The advantage of that is I don’t need to worry if they get a bit messed up, they usually do; but now I can say that posh jumpers are no good they just end up in land fill. Anyway it just goes to show you should always take everything when you move, after all we seem to have brought some of the stuff that was going to be thrown away, but there was a lot of demented running about at the end.

The reason these missing jumpers have come to my notice is the fact is has been very cold today and at one point the grass was white but is was a sort of slushy hail so in other words YUK and the wind was blowing. However it appears that the weather is due to be much worse at the end of the week so I may have to raid Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop for a new Jumper to replace the missing ones, he has some cool jumpers, he makes people wear them in front of the furnaces if they sing or look happy.

Just as well we did not move house in the summer or I would be scratching my head for days once the winter arrive trying to work out where my winter clothes had got too and would be convinced that sheep had been raiding my wardrobe to get the wool back, they do that sometimes. 

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