Saturday, 3 December 2011

The man, his pregnant wife, the donkey and the Holiday Inn and a Mercedes Benz.

I made a terrible error last night in reading the diary entry for last year; I sort of got the month wrong. Well it is easy to do there are twelve of them after all, so I read Novembers entry. It was not National Sausage Week so we had sausages for tea in celebration under a false pretence.  That is two errors in as many days, I do not include spelling errors in that I do that loads all the time.

In fact this time last year we were in the final stages of Pantomime rehearsals and all was looking good. I think this years school pantomime is just about some bloke and his wife who are not allowed to stay at the Holiday Inn because she is pregnant and has a donkey. The holiday Inn says the only rooms are on the 9th floor and they won’t let them stay there because what happens if she suddenly gives birth and a whole loads of Sheppard’s and so called dodgy wise men turn up at reception. As well as doctors and mid-wives, it would disrupt the hotel and the conference on the virtues of management bonding events in modern society.

It all turns out all right in the end because the donkey has a loyalty card due to a computer error in the past and is able to blag a room round the back with easy access for donkeys bearing in mind they are banned from using the lifts because their hoofs ruin the buttons.

And a wise man turns up with gifts of Merc’s and the baby tells the management consultants at the conference on the virtues of management bonding events in modern society …. Covert not the Merc’s of others for they too will get old and rusty, and everyone will cheer and so will end another Christmas Play (Why do we all have to wear tea towels on our heads though?)

Oooo by the way I put another IKEA bookcase together today and painted a wall blue, well a bit of it anyway. And I am sorry about the error in the flashback to last year for those of you who can remember that far back in my diary, I know I cant.  

Watch out for thunderbolts


  1. Miss Janis Joplin, one of my faves! You do have such great tastes in music for a young un.

    I played a sheep in the school nativity play when I was 8. My sheep mask fell down, blinding my sheep vision and I and all the rest of the sheep, spent the whole play bleating in distress as I continously kept headbutting them in my blindness...not good times!

  2. Its a strange world we live in Miss Lily when the loss of a sheep mask can lead to an interesting comment in a mad blog in cyberspace all these years later. And All those stupid MOM blogs wont let you join them ...... They are fools total fools (smiling fools as far as I can see).