Friday, 23 December 2011

Never play Paper, Scissors, Stone when it is raining

We were all a bit tired this morning because I was coughing rather a lot last night as a result of the head cold, which all us blokes think is probably man flu. Yes I’m sure it must be man flu. However we were sort of pottering about not doing a lot first thing when a big Fox went slinking past the house looking Mischievous and wet. It was raining rather heavily most of the day.   

After the fox vanished the day started as a rather quiet day, of rummaging in the odd box that has still to be completely emptied (No; still no jumpers), there is a lot of stuff, I think we are running out of shelving again. Then it became clear the front guttering was blocked so we played paper, scissors, stone and I lost so I had to go up the ladder and clear it. As we now live in a bungalow it was dead easy although I got very wet. Then we discovered that with the guttering working correctly the front flower beds filled with water and became ponds. So we played paper, scissors, stone and I lost, so I had to go out and make a channel through the hedge so all the water could head down hill into the fabled Minor Stream of Inconsequence. So I had to stick my head and most of me in the hedge to do it, so I got very wet and covered in hedge. Then just as I finished, and all the water was heading where the water should head, sort of towards the sea, the sun came out. Well that is typical get totally soaked twice then when I don’t need to go out it is sunny, but I did get some photos of what was a well cool sunset. I know it may not sound that exciting but we didn’t get these in Monty because of being so close to the castle hill.


  1. Beautiful pictures Rob Z and to be accompanied by some Ian Dury...priceless.

    Hope you feel much better soon, the Lil man and I are at death's door but thankfully, he's not in.

  2. Thanks Miss Lily I am slowly on the mend. Santa sorry Satan is off out delivering credit card bills and singing HO HO Ho. Have a good day tomorrow and say Happy Christmas to the Lil Man.