Monday, 19 December 2011

African Punk freestyle Drumming and the Chess match of 1753

Well that’s it School has all but ended; the teachers were playing hop-scotch on the headmasters desk today and that is a sure sign that everyone has given up for Christmas. Esmeralda set fire to the flag pole because as she said IT WAS THERE. And although the headmaster said that is not the best reason to set fire to it, but it is after all why people climb mountains and buy rubbish in the January sales. So he let her off, although she had my poker that I made in metalwork in her hand at the time.     

But now our first woodwork project for next term is a new flag pole, and setting fire to all the rubbish from the January sales that our families have bought.

I have been playing djembe tonight with the last of our once mighty group of drummers, it is not too bad with the two of us for one very good reason, I am a dam good djembe player, if I say so myself which I have to, because the rest of the household have their fingers in their ears shouting stop it we cant stand the pain of African Punk freestyle Drumming. Sometimes it is a hard and a long struggle to introduce new interesting variations of what is a very traditional art form of noise. My drumming friend has departed and returned to the heart of Bishops Castle, so called to the best of my knowledge not because there is no castle and no Bishop. But someone once played a game of Chess there in 1753 which lead to a rowdy night of intellectual banter about Bishops travelling on diagonals and the castles travelling on the parallel of the sides of the town. Which of course means a drunken Bishop will never find The Castle (the pub where the chess match was played). Then the winner of said chess game got lost on his way home after too much cider and was never seen again. But they did name the town after the Chess match rather that the man who got lost, because if they had done that Bishops Castle would now be called Freddie Smithville.     

Mum has gone down with a head cold (not a cold head) so starts the day sort of OK and bouncy but by now is feeling rotten. Strange how colds do that, sadly my African Punk freestyle Drumming did not help get rid of it, even when we played the famous Gambian Feel Good Song, still on the bright side me and my pal felt good ……..mum just said IDIOT so she must be feeling a little better.

I notice in the world of cyberspace that Captain Nessman of the High Seas says 3 down and 2 to go and Miss Fionaski the famous Russian spy says 5 down and 5 to go. Are they playing Chess and have lost the Bishop in a Castle. Mmmmmmmmmm…….

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