Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The bird table the pond and the Badgers.

Tonight (Thursday night) was  the last late night shopping opportunity to have got all those really interesting Christmas presents, in the evening at least, at Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop. He says he is planning to have a quiet Christmas with his mates The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  Eat a bit too much, drink a bit too much and maybe mess with the Euro a bit more next year for a bit of fun.

Anyway I did manage to wrap a present today and also get half the bird table out of the pond, It was the big half and luckily it is not broken, It is a ceramic bird table and when we got up this morning it had vanished. The suspicion is that it was pushed into the pond by Badgers, probably because it has images of fish on the side of it and the Badgers thought they were saving the fish. Badgers are as blind as bats but cant fly and catch insects like bats but then bats can’t push over bird tables well not ceramic ones with fish on the side.

We now have to find a way to find the top of the bird table. The dog has suggested we add weights to the cats and throw them in and then only allow them out once they appear in the shallow end with the rest of the bird table.  I don’t think mum approved of that plan because she hit the dog with the armadillo toaster and said IDIOT.

Oooo yes two final things to mention Thursday night late night shopping means Chip Butties YUM and I am feeling just a little better than I did last night so with luck the head cold is slowly going, still there is always the risk of man flu with us chaps because chaps get man flu. I am told by men that man flu is one of the great burdens of being a man and women just don’t understand. Mum just said IDIOT so that last bit must be true. 


  1. Now look here Mr E.B. what is your cunning plan. Most of the time I understand most of the comments although most are from the R.A.Ts That's the Radical Abstract Thinkers. Their is just the three of us as it happens but as I have said loads in the past "Rome was not built in the Hay" Well not by the Roman although those three little pigs did have a good attempt.

    O dam it I have been distracted again, What is all this Loveliness of which you speak, I work hard at not being lovely and such comments will scare that very nice Steven Spielberg away (OK yes he does do some slushy films at times), I am as someone once said "As sick as a Parrot" although I am yet to see a sick parrot most seem to have the constitution of an Ox, plus the added bonus of being able to perch on a stick, something an Ox cant do even after intensive training. They covered that once in one of the National Geographic magazines and the conclusion was Ox's will never balance on sticks, even big ones (sticks not Ox's)

    So Mr E.B. more words and less of the lovely or else....... and she is well scary. HA HAH HAHAHH HAHAH HAHAHH HAHAHAHah hahah hahhahah hah ha