Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Ghost Writers long meeting about strategic organisational structural planning and those insentient drums

The ghost writer called in tonight after a long meeting about strategic organisational structural planning plus an organisation open day and then the AGM, so he is well spaced out. He is also not a fan of night driving these days. But then he is old and it is a well know fact that the older you get the harder it is to drive at night. He says that God bloke better have a decent master plan for everyone getting old and knackered.

Sorry but  I am very late tonight I have been drumming with one of the drummers from our little group, only there is just the two of us left now. Things have been picking the group off one by one, and so we are having to take care just in case we (the last two as in me and him) get pick off as well. It is life getting in the way again of important things like drumming and playing guitar and writing diaries.

We had a phone call tonight from the nice little old lady who used to live in our house, she has finally moved into a house of her own. I think about two days ago, it is good to know she is not sleeping in the wild hills of Mid-Wales any longer, because it is a nice house here (even if it is one of the ugliest we looked at) and it was a bit of a worry to know that it’s previous occupant was doomed to life in the wild hills. It was a wood in the wild hills too so I suspect it was full of bears and bear poo and The Living Dead, walking in bear poo, although she did not mention bears or The Living Dead just that her kettle is missing and she now has a rather posh car battery charger that she never used to have. So she can’t make a nice cup of tea but she can electrocute the cat H HAH HAH HAHHAHAH HAH hhahah hhah hahhha hhah hahh hahah ha……. Mum muttered something at me then; Mmmmmmmm I suspect it was the usual.      

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