Monday, 26 December 2011

The traditional Boxing Day question ......When is a Turkey a Chicken

Boxing Day and as is traditional the Ghost Writer and his family all turn up so that seems to be loads of folk PHEW. Anyway My Hywel turned up with a really interesting boot cleaner to wipe your boots on when they are covered in mud. He has used a piece of railway track stuff so it is nice and heavy (very heavy) so it will stay put. Dad was well impressed.

Everyone brought loads of food and it was all in all a good day, we even discussed the fact that Turkeys are not male Chickens, which one of the people thought they were. Best to mention no names or else they will hit me when I see them next. They also said that their eyes steamed up (them not the Turkey) if they breathed into a cup of tea, yes OK if you wear glasses like the Ghost Writer then yes, but they don’t. So they said that they must have very cool eyes and that is why it happened. And despite the rest of us trying to get the same effect we could not.  

Yes this is the sort of stuff you might expect to happen in the twilight zone between reality and cyberspace but this was all going on in the real world. Mum says it explains why my diary is bonkers. We also had Joseph the Dog stopping for Boxing Day lunch and he was trying to eat the lights that were bouncing about on the walls from Miss Issy’s glitter ball hat. And I balanced a small cat on a dice on a spoon on a wine glass because it is fun to balance stuff on other stuff. Dad has done it for years. In fact dad was balancing rocks on rocks on rocks long before that Andy Goldsworthy bloke. Only dad was an auto-destructive potter when he was young and says one day the world will end and so we must not see what we do as permanent, so Mr Goldsworthy recording his work is compromising his art form, and selling out to the corporate society. (OK I have said this before but it’s true)

Hang on; how the hell did you lot side track me. They have all gone now (the Ghost Writer and his family not the rocks) and all is peace again so I have been to seen mum and I said I’m bored now mum what will I do HA HA HAH AH hahh hah hah hahah hah hahh hhahah hahahh  only she said IDIOT and threw a female Turkey leg  at me, sorry I mean Chicken leg HA HA HA Hah hah hah hahh hah hah hah ha hhha ha. Mum said IDIOT again and the dog (not Joseph) has done a runner with the leg………  

A cat on a dice on a spoon on a wine glass

Just in case anyone is thinking that is a rubbish picture it is in fact an experiment as it is a picture taken through the side of a half empty wine bottle ....... As I don't drink I thought I should at least try and do something useful with the bottle ......... Same with the picture below too 

And people think I make stuff up ................ No don't need too

The Ghost writer whose glasses do steam up when he drinks tea .....Not like some ?

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